It's Exciting Having a LO Career,

Until You Get Behind in Bills! You Need Emergency Funds a Dry Month Happens Several Dry Months Happen!

#1 Problem that Loan Officers Have!

Are you a salaried or an independent LO?

Get More Customers, Better Retention, and Less Price Sensitive Jerks!

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Are You Building Your Business or Building Your Broker's Business for Free? When you leave... who keeps your hard work?

7 Questions You Must Ask

  1. How can I get more loans consistently?
  2. When (not if) I leave my company will I have a system in place so I can continue making loans at my new company?
  3. If I stopped making loans today, could I sell my book of business? Do I even have a book of business?
  4. How can I spend more time outside my business and be more effective?
  5. How to get other professionals to send me business?
  6. How can I look more professional than my competition?
  7. How can I delegate, replicate, and automate marketing?

4 Sessions and I'll Show You!

One Session Per Week.

Session #1

Real Estate Mortgage Approved Loan Document With House Keys

The 3 Keys to Making More Loans

It's not what you think it is? Miss one of these ingredients and you'll absolutely fail!

Session #2

Waist up portrait of happy young businesswoman holding box of personal belongings  leaving office after quitting job, copy space

Exit Strategy

How to build your business so when you leave, you have something of value.

Session #3

Handwriting text Brand Yourself. Conceptual photo Develop a unique professional identity Personal product

Promote Yourself!

Using modern tools to promote yourself. Looking more professional makes you more desirable.

Session #4



The end goal is to spend about 20 minutes a day promoting yourself. How to test and final strategies for marketing.

I'll show you my secrets for free?

Why would I do that?

Realize that everyone has a desire. 

  • The kid in school wants good grades to get praised.
  • The employee wants a raise or to be promoted.
  • The loan officer wants to earn more money and be respected by their partner/boss and society.


Why share my knowledge for FREE?

First it feels good to help people. The information that I give is free to use and you can use your own programmer to implement the strategies that I’m teaching. If you need my help I would like to apply to be your Marketing guy. That simple. No obligation to use me whatsoever.

This soft sell approach will make you valuable to your market place because the more valuable you are to your clients/customers, the more they will use you. I practice what I preach and hope you’ll use these methods to keep your pipeline full and your creditors from bothering you.

Thank you,

Thomas Rendleman

Ready, Set, Go...

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